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Monday, October 11, 2010

Worst Musical Experience

If any of you play Robot Unicorn Attack (its an adult swim game), then I hate you.  I really hate you.  I mean, I am relatively difficult to annoy or make uncomfortable, but that game....oh that shit is incessant.  Its not really just the premise of the game, its the song.  That damned song.  Always by Erasure...sure it is quite sweet, but the playing of it in game makes it unbearable.  I've heard the first 1:00 of that bullcrap too many times...TOO MANY TIMES!  It gets in my head I swear, and now everytime i hear that song, oh man I can't even concentrate.  It shatters my thoughts and I just feel hatred.  Hate for that unicorn dashing about endlessly...god that game is soo dumb.  And that song!  Man I think I die a little everytime i hear that, it just invades my ears like a piercing siren and gives me the urge to (im not gonna say kill, but I am quite irritated when I hear Always).

And now, my floormates have discovered it.  Ergo, I believe I am less human now, after listening to that shit coming through the walls while I nap.  Readers, I may die soon, and I just want you to know, that I hate Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack, and everything it stands for!

And to think I thought a robotic unicorn would be a brilliant invention!

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