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Monday, October 11, 2010

Worst Musical Experience

If any of you play Robot Unicorn Attack (its an adult swim game), then I hate you.  I really hate you.  I mean, I am relatively difficult to annoy or make uncomfortable, but that game....oh that shit is incessant.  Its not really just the premise of the game, its the song.  That damned song.  Always by Erasure...sure it is quite sweet, but the playing of it in game makes it unbearable.  I've heard the first 1:00 of that bullcrap too many times...TOO MANY TIMES!  It gets in my head I swear, and now everytime i hear that song, oh man I can't even concentrate.  It shatters my thoughts and I just feel hatred.  Hate for that unicorn dashing about endlessly...god that game is soo dumb.  And that song!  Man I think I die a little everytime i hear that, it just invades my ears like a piercing siren and gives me the urge to (im not gonna say kill, but I am quite irritated when I hear Always).

And now, my floormates have discovered it.  Ergo, I believe I am less human now, after listening to that shit coming through the walls while I nap.  Readers, I may die soon, and I just want you to know, that I hate Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn Attack, and everything it stands for!

And to think I thought a robotic unicorn would be a brilliant invention!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

LoL shit

So, I play League of Legends a good bit, and yesterday I had an especially fun time.  Turns out some high elo players were doing "All Random All Mid" practice games for TreeEskimo's (a pro player) livestream.  So naturally after seeing this, I waited for them to start a new game and was lucky enough to get in.  I think some other notable players in the game were TakashiX, Lummis, Aumz, DOGKaiser, and idk im probably forgetting others.

The overall point was, it was me, a relative new-suck at LoL in a game full of pros.  To double this, I was selected as a champion that I have never played (Ryze), and my friends were watching the stream.  Also, I should reiterate that I have no skillz at this game.  So there was only one thing left to do...TROLL!

I believe the entirety of my game was basically me swearing profusely and breaking the rules by going into the jungle.  I accused Lummis of killstealing me (which I actually kinda think he did) and heard the stream talkin about how bad I was raging!  This was so funny to me for no good reason really, I mean, I had too much fun being a complete moron on this game.  I then proceeded to challenge TakashiX to 1v1 me at dragon, and later to have an endurance race with me across the map.  Of course, they were too pussy to do shit.

Anyways, the whole thing was funny to me though im sure everyone else in the game thought i was a total douche, which I kinda was.  I'm a sucky Ryze anyways, so there was nothing lost in my shenanigans.
The whole thing was funny though and I tried to friend the pros after the game, but I think they all rejected me, for quite obvious reasons.  If you do play LoL though, and ever get an opportunity like this, I highly suggest you troll their game & stream.  Its irresistibly entertaining if you have no chance of doing well, and you kind of feel important during your cerca 40 minutes of fame on the high elo stream.

Bottom line--I killed TakashiX, and I intend to brag about it persistently in the most annoying way possible.  I'll ignore the fact that that was my only kill of the game and that i had 5 deaths and a horrible build...I am top elo killa now!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ugly Boy Bag


Soulja Boy don't know bout the Ugly-Boy-Bag, or maybe he does  (AYYYYYEEEE)

A new experience

Yesterday, I was walking home and saw four Frenchman conducting a rendezvous.  I mean really, it was four guys, all speaking French (which is how I identified them :] ), and they were meeting up at a precise location.  An action that I, and I think anybody, could only best describe as a rendezvous.  Now, the reason this is so interesting is that I could only use a French word to appropriately describe something that I saw the Frenchman doing.  I know it seems stupid to even contemplate, but isn't that a bit rare?  I mean, unless you live in France, how many times have you seen French people meeting at a rendezvous point?  Or have you seen an Italian saying "Mama Mia" while approching the "crescendo" of a hill.  idk, maybe I think to much into these trivial things, but when I connected those Frenchman to the word "rendezvous", I just felt like it was something amazing.  Not stereotypical, as if having a rendezvous was a traditionally "French thing to do", but just...interesting i guess...

But then again I'm easily captivated by the slightest things

btw, I figured that on this blog, I'm mostly just gonna rant about things that strike my fancy, similarly in fashion to the above text.  So...I guess if you visit this blog, expect my stream of consciousness cumming at you.  And yes, I said cumming!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Queen, Queen, Queen, Queen.  All i listen to is Queen.  Right now, I'm listening to Queen.  and yesterday, most of my free hours were spent with ear plugs, diligently funneling Queen into my brain.  If you don't like Queen, you're a very unhappy individual, and I do not like you, and you can feel free to leave my blog, never to return...

Queen, Queen, Queen, Queen, Queen.  Sick nastiest band eva, next to Led Zeppelin, but I'll save that for another day.  The point is, I want you to know that I am listening to Queen right now, and I am really bored, and I have nothing more productive to do, but blog.  Which brings up the point that blogging is one of the most unproductive activities ever.  Anyone who thinks people give two shits about their blog is trippin, unless they're famous or something.  So shame on all you bloggers out there for wasting time on the computer rather than contributing something to society other than your useless opinion.  And shame on me for being one of you, and writing hypocritically throughout an entire paragraph.  The point is, you should all listen to Queen, or at least just know that I do in a borderline-unhealthy amount.

Run and tell that


The Funbuck

This is what would solve our economic problems.  I know I would be a lot happier if B-rock was in my wallet.

Who would you guys put on this bill that could top Obama?