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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Queen, Queen, Queen, Queen.  All i listen to is Queen.  Right now, I'm listening to Queen.  and yesterday, most of my free hours were spent with ear plugs, diligently funneling Queen into my brain.  If you don't like Queen, you're a very unhappy individual, and I do not like you, and you can feel free to leave my blog, never to return...

Queen, Queen, Queen, Queen, Queen.  Sick nastiest band eva, next to Led Zeppelin, but I'll save that for another day.  The point is, I want you to know that I am listening to Queen right now, and I am really bored, and I have nothing more productive to do, but blog.  Which brings up the point that blogging is one of the most unproductive activities ever.  Anyone who thinks people give two shits about their blog is trippin, unless they're famous or something.  So shame on all you bloggers out there for wasting time on the computer rather than contributing something to society other than your useless opinion.  And shame on me for being one of you, and writing hypocritically throughout an entire paragraph.  The point is, you should all listen to Queen, or at least just know that I do in a borderline-unhealthy amount.

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