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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A new experience

Yesterday, I was walking home and saw four Frenchman conducting a rendezvous.  I mean really, it was four guys, all speaking French (which is how I identified them :] ), and they were meeting up at a precise location.  An action that I, and I think anybody, could only best describe as a rendezvous.  Now, the reason this is so interesting is that I could only use a French word to appropriately describe something that I saw the Frenchman doing.  I know it seems stupid to even contemplate, but isn't that a bit rare?  I mean, unless you live in France, how many times have you seen French people meeting at a rendezvous point?  Or have you seen an Italian saying "Mama Mia" while approching the "crescendo" of a hill.  idk, maybe I think to much into these trivial things, but when I connected those Frenchman to the word "rendezvous", I just felt like it was something amazing.  Not stereotypical, as if having a rendezvous was a traditionally "French thing to do", but just...interesting i guess...

But then again I'm easily captivated by the slightest things

btw, I figured that on this blog, I'm mostly just gonna rant about things that strike my fancy, similarly in fashion to the above text.  So...I guess if you visit this blog, expect my stream of consciousness cumming at you.  And yes, I said cumming!

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